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Currently being shown is a 3-Year in Review Covid Project by St. Joes Hamilton AV Team. 

Kendra served as the photo editor and a photojournalist in 2015-16 for Vol. 143 of The Queen's Journal. Some of her favourites are this colourful pride celebration, some sibling love, basketball in action, her police stock photo, and this close-up

Alvin in the Ottawa Citizen is an adorable newborn farm animal. 

The Queen's Gazette also used one Kendra's headshots! 

Kendra has over 250 event photos published by Snapd Kingston and was also published by the Vancouver Sun. 

See some of her photos and written work for Warner Music Canada below. 

Kendra's text work for the Canadian Theatre Review.  


Pierroz's political illustration work for the Queen's Journal can be found here

Kendra's full page 38 photo illustration for St. Lawrence College's 2019 publication of The Voyageur is published here. Contributor credit is listed on page 3.

Kendra also had a full page photo headshot in the coming 2020 issue. 

Check-out this 2018 feature in The Ring for wedding photography below by Kendra Pierroz for her company Dockflower Media.

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