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HUMAN NESTS of Hamilton

Documentary Photo Project Nov 2022 - April 2023 

A documentary exploration of the nests and encampments maintained by the unhoused in Hamilton, On.

Photographs are paired with quotes from the people that live and have lived on Hamilton's streets in this quest for survival throughout Canada's toughest winter weather. 

View the photo gallery, public exhibition address and photos, and online podcast discussing the production and process of the project. 

Resources for contributing to community supports and accessing local resources follow the photo gallery. 

Thank-you for participating in this conversation regarding being unsheltered and the associated risks, and helping to catalyze change and combat stigma for those struggling with urban living in Hamilton's modern society. 

FMP Photo gallery
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exhibition panel

exhibit event photos

Social media event reel


During the public event, guests were invited to read one quote during the viewing of one photo as they toured.

All quotes are from Hamiltonians currently experiencing, or recovering from being unhoused.

In order to protect the identity of those captured and quoted, most contributors remain anonymous.

  1. "We’re already numb from the situation, and now from the cold.”

  2. “I'm surviving from the outside, but I'm dying on the inside.”

  3. ”Some say home is within, well, we have such a far way to go then. Please help us secure that thought by putting a roof over our hearts.”

  4. “Are tents allowed here?”

  5. "Too young to prostitute. Too honest to steal.“ - Alyssa

  6. "I am human, please consider this illegal.”

  7. "These winters are hard. Even if you survive you are alone. Surviving means having to live more."

  8. "I wish I wasn’t so afraid of death.”

  9. “When suffering and struggling with mental illness as a child, I attached myself to drugs and alcohol, and it l.       lead me to the streets, and I was arrested and incarcerated 4 times.
  I was homeless many times, especially being released from the jails, I had no where to go.”

  10. "Not having a roof, no floor, it really just sucks.”

  11. “I'm lucky to be alive. Without the help of others I wouldn't be able to help others now."

  12. “We are trapped in the season....trapped in the system.”


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