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ABOUT Kendra 

Kendra's passion is turning memories into art and specializes in documenting living history. 


Kendra Pierroz studied Theatre and Media at Queen's University, as well as Music and Digital Media at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, On. 

Kendra's post-grad is a certificate in media studies from Queen's University, and will be graduating from her MA in photography from Falmouth University in May 2023. 

Awards & Nominations:

Kendra's work from Iceland 2022 is currently being featured in an exhibit "Nourish" at Hamilton's Cotton Factory. 

Queen's University awarded Kendra the Isabel Bader Award for theatre production work at in 2015. 

Kendra received the United Way Media Award for Snapd Kingston in 2015 for photojournalistic work. 

Kendra was a featured Queen's University graduate in freelance work interviewed here:  

Currently Kendra sits on the Salon Theatre Board of Directors and also works as a celebrant as an ordained officiant. 

Kendra was also a musical contestant in the LCBO Rock Band contest Whisky Rocks

Kendra has been an anthem singer for Queen's U athletics, SLC graduations (including her own) and the City of Kingston. 

Watch Kendra at work Below!

Studying social media 

In addition to creating content used by brands on social media and helping to execute social media campaigns, Kendra continues to study social media theory. 

This first image titled "Life on Social Media” was published as a Tweet by Devin Cetnar on 7 Sept, 2019. This incredible visual has a powerful emotional impact. We know that while interacting on digital media (social media especially), the full story is not always shown in frame. “Instagram vs. reality."

The 2nd image is my own, titled "Living on Social Media." It is intended to be the next image if this was a gallery set.
In times of uncertainty and turmoil such our current climate, it is especially essential to practice conscious mindfulness. 
If you concentrate too much on potential flaws, it can be all that is in focus.

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